Warning: The International Legal Services Scam

I am not an attorney with “International Legal Services (ILS).” In fact, ILS is a scam and not a law firm in the least bit.  They have hijacked my name, created fake letterhead, and solicited multiple inmates across the country with the offer of legal services, including the promise of an immediate release from jail/prison due to recent changes in the law. 

For the last two years, my office has received calls across the U.S. from family members of inmates who have received these solicitation letters and/or have hired ILS.  Retainers are signed and payments are made to ILS.  Once the money is received by ILS, all contact ceases and the “client” or family member does further investigation and googles “George H. Ramos, Jr. San Diego attorney,” leading to my actual website.  We then get these calls, only to break the news to the family member that they have been scammed.  The documents are then forwarded to me at my request.

This scam has damaged many.  Multiple families have suffered financial losses with false promises and absolutely no legal assistance.  Additionally, my online reputation has suffered with reviews by “clients” that were never represented by me.  This needs to stop.

The San Diego District Attorney’s Office is investigating this crime.  The investigator is Alberto Martinez: Alberto.Martinez@sdcda.org.  He is in possession of all the documents I have received and has spoken to multiple victims.

If you or a family member have been victimized by ILS, contact my office immediately.