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Parole in San Diego, California Criminal Cases

Parole is granted when a convicted person has more or less served out his or her sentence. If the prisoner meets certain criteria, a parole board will vote for release subject to supervision by a parole officer. The prisoner may have a lawyer at the parole hearing and at any hearing regarding whether he or she has broken parole. As long as the parolee follows the rules, it is considered that he or she has served the sentence when the parole is complete. If he or she breaks their parole, the rest of the sentence is served back in prison.

Probation as Conditional or Suspended Sentencing in California Criminal Cases

Probation also takes place after conviction, but before the sentence is served. The sentence has been decided, but the judge “holds back” on imposing it in order to give a young or first-time offender a second chance. If the person on probation is found at a hearing to have failed to follow the court’s orders or disobeys the probation officer, the sentence will be imposed and the person will go to prison. The probationer may have a lawyer at this hearing. If he or she obeys all terms of the probation, he or she will never serve the sentence at all.

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