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San Diego Child Abuse Lawyer

Child Abuse, Neglect, Cruelty & Sexual Molestation

In San Diego and across California, child abuse is defined as emotionally, physically, or sexually abusing or neglecting a minor by a parent or guardian. Further defined, any mental abuse or anguish imposed on a child, cruelty, or child exploitation is also charged as criminal child abuse. If you have been accused and/or arrested for committing child abuse, you need an aggressive and experienced San Diego child abuse attorney.

California Child Abuse Allegations

As more adults and professionals become aware of the signs and symptoms of child abuse, more cases are being charged as criminal offenses and brought before California courts. Teachers, child care workers, psychiatrists and therapists are required by law to report any suspected or admitted instances of child injury or abuse to authorities. Due to widespread public awareness and sensitivity, it has been our experience as attorneys, that many cases of reported child abuse are actually unfounded, even when such reports arise from professional obligations and well-meaning and concerned third parties. Additionally, false child abuse and allegations of misconduct and wrongdoing often arise from bitter divorces, child custody battles, and other family disputes. If you have been falsely accused of harming a child in California, please call our San Diego child abuse defense firm as soon as possible at 619.231.1830 for a free consultation on how to best protect yourself in this situation. In some cases, we may be able to have the criminal charges dropped before they are even filed and help you restore custody of your children.

California Child Abuse Allegations: DO…

Do take preventative measures to ensure you are not alone in the company of the child or children you are being accused of harming. This will help eliminate the accuser from making further allegations or false incident reports. If you are a child care worker, a coach, teacher or scout leader, Do always have a supportive adult present with you when interacting with children so they may confirm appropriateness of your actions and behavior. Do negotiate and agree on amicable custody arrangements with former spouses and fellow parents to avoid malicious accusations intended to leverage control or exact revenge. Do avoid verbal outbursts, threats, sexually oriented comments, off color jokes or humor, wrestling, tackling, or horse-playing with children. Do hire an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney if you are the subject of a child abuse investigation, have been arrested for a related crime, or have been charged with neglecting or abusing a child in California. It is crucial that you confer with a knowledgeable and proven lawyer who knows Child Protective Services (CPS) procedures & personnel, California family law, and the San Diego juvenile judicial system firsthand. Do become informed and knowledgeable in dealing with false allegations of child abuse and related crimes so you may better your rights and freedom going forward. As your defense attorney, we will professionally advise you on to best manage the situation you’re faced with, and we will aggressively and expertly defend against the charges against you. Do confide in your defense attorney and keep him apprised of any ensuing events, new developments or concerns, and any new conversations or contact that transpire that with your accuser or the alleged victim. Do contact and collaborate with friends, witnesses, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and other individuals who can corroborate your innocence and provide testimony on your behalf in court or via a sworn statement or affidavit ONLY AFTER and IF you have received a “go-ahead” from your attorney to discuss your case with anyone other than your defense lawyer. As your San Diego child abuse lawyer, we will expertly advise you as to how and if coordinating a support group of persons who can refute the alleged inappropriate or abusive behavior is best approached depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. Do maintain very positive and supportive relationships with your children if the are the subject of allegations motivated by your estranged spouse’s anger over divorce and custody proceedings. Children are obviously strongly influenced by their desire to please their parents, and can often be persuaded to take sides and agree with the accusing parent due to stress and emotional coercion. Do not blame your children if this is the case. Continue to meet your financial and parental obligations responsibly. Do try to understand that the social workers’ jobs are to protect children, and they are acting for your children’s wellbeing rather than against you, and even though the allegations may be false, by California, they need to be investigated seriously, nonetheless.

If You are Suspected of Child Abuse: DON’T…

Don’t blame it on the child, yell at the child, or otherwise attempt to coerce the child to retract their statements and refute what the charges against you. Your innocence will be established through the proper process, and young are not emotionally equipped or mature enough to withstand adult stress stressors and issues. Don’t hesitate to stand up for yourself and assert your innocence. Avoid unsupervised contact with the child during the investigation and afterward, if necessary to avoid further allegations. Don’t speak with anybody about your case unless clearly advised by your lawyer that it is okay to do so. Don’t make any false admissions are attempt to manage police interrogation without your lawyer present. The law firm of George H. Ramos, Jr., located in downtown San Diego, serves clients throughout Southern California including Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and all neighboring San Diego County regions.

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