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Did CPS Take Your Children Following an Arrest?

Every state has a unique system for managing the protection of children in potentially abusive homes. However, Child Protective Services (CPS) may also remove a child from parents’ custody if the parent commits a criminal act.

If you find yourself in this situation you need a San Diego CPS attorney on your side. Contact George H. Ramos, Jr. in San Diego today to schedule a free case evaluation. Find out how our firm can help you regain custody of your child after CPS has removed him or her from your home.

Why Choose Our Firm?

  • George H. Ramos, Jr. has more than 20 years of experience with criminal cases in California. Attorney Ramos provides individualized attention to each case.
  • George H. Ramos, Jr. is a former prosecutor. After 8 years in the San Diego District Attorney’s Office, he opened his defense firm in 2002 and has provided a full range of criminal defense legal services ever since.
  • Our firm understands the criminal justice system and will launch a full investigation into your criminal case and test the admissibility and strength of the prosecution’s evidence against you.
  • We offer free consultations to potential clients. This helps an individual understand the value of legal representation and the options available before agreeing to any kind of financial commitment for an attorney.

Is an Attorney Necessary?

If CPS has taken your child after your arrest, you not only need a criminal defense attorney to navigate the legal issues related to the criminal charges against you but also to handle your issues with CPS and hopefully regain custody of your child.

An experienced criminal defense attorney in San Diego can help manage personal finances and obligations during a criminal case, gather evidence that runs contrary to the prosecution’s, and explore legal remedies for securing child custody after CPS conducts a removal. Attempting to navigate these issues without an attorney can lead to a more severe conviction with harsher penalties. It also endanger your custody status of your child.

CPS Functions

CPS may arrive at your door after receiving a report that your child faces abuse or neglect at home. They may also appear in the hospital after your child sustains an injury; medical professionals have a responsibility to report suspected child abuse to the authorities when they treat injured children.

However, when a parent with sole custody of a child faces arrest, CPS will need to remove the child from the parent’s care to ensure he or she has safe accommodations until the parent’s case concludes.

Ideally, CPS will try to place a child with a close relative while the child’s parent undergoes the criminal trial process. However, if there are no such relatives the child may remain in state care or enter the foster care system.

Recovering Custody After CPS Child Removal

If a jury has convicted you of a crime, you will need to finish your sentence before you can explore your options for regaining custody. If the charges against you do not result in jail time, you have a bit more flexibility in this regard. A judge may be willing to let you retain at least partial custody if you abide by the court’s orders in terms of probation, work release, or other diversionary requirements.

Navigating these issues is difficult and emotionally exhausting for any parent. A criminal defense attorney from George H. Ramos, Jr. & Associates can help manage these issues and provide a better chance of regaining custody after arrest. If CPS recently removed your child from your home after an arrest, contact George H. Ramos, Jr. today to schedule a free consultation with a San Diego attorney.

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