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San Diego Assault Lawyer

Any type of assault charge can have severe consequences. If another party accuses you of assault, you need an experienced San Diego assault attorney who can represent your interests in court and either prove your innocence or help reduce the charges against you and the penalties you face. Contact George H. Ramos Jr. in San Diego today to schedule a free consultation with a San Diego criminal defense lawyer who has the experience to help in the most difficult assault cases.

Why Choose George H. Ramos Jr.?

  • George Ramos is a former prosecutor. He understands how state courts make their cases, how the prosecution process works, and has familiarity with both sides of the criminal justice system in California thanks to more than 20 years of legal experience.
  • George Ramos personally interviews every client who arrives for a free consultation. If you want an idea of how a defense attorney can help, you can speak directly to the person who will represent you in court before agreeing to representation.
  • Our San Diego assault attorneys use a thorough investigation process. We ensure the evidence in play in your case is viable and admissible.
  • We offer free consultations. This allows a potential client to understand the value of legal representation before making any type of financial commitment.

How Can a San Diego Assault Attorney Help Me?

Regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent, having an experienced assault attorney on your side in an assault case in San Diego is crucial.

A San Diego assault attorney will talk to the District Attorney’s Office to ask about potentially dropping the charges against you under certain circumstances, help you prepare for trial if charges go through after your arrest, and potentially lessen the penalties you receive from a conviction.

Ultimately, a San Diego assault defense attorney offers the best chance of avoiding serious legal penalties or even having the charges against you dropped entirely due to inadmissible evidence and procedural missteps on the part of the prosecution.

Penal Codes for Assault and Battery

California law has clear definitions for assault and battery and the penalties associated with these offenses.

California Penal Code Section 240

This section defines assault as the threat made against another person’s personal safety and well-being, coupled with present ability. For example, threatening to strike someone in the face while raising a clenched fist constitutes as assault.

California Penal Code Section 242

This section defines battery as the use of violence or unlawful, unwanted force against another’s person. Assault and battery are two separate criminal acts. Threatening to punch someone in the face is assault. Following through with the threat and hitting the person is battery.

California Penal Code Section 245

This section of the CA Penal Code pertains to assault with a deadly weapon. Threatening another person with a deadly instrument such as a firearm, knife, or any other weapon is a serious charge and entails much harsher penalties. The minimum penalties for assault with a deadly weapon include fines up to $10,000 and a minimum of one year up to four years in jail.

California Penal Code Section 273.5

This section refers to intentional injuries inflicted against others that result in traumatic conditions. Most criminal issues related to this section entail domestic violence, such as abusive relationships between married or cohabiting couples.

The penalties for the different types of assault in California can vary. Some penalties include heavy fines, jail time, and restitution payments to the victims. Anyone wrongfully accused of assault or who acted in self-defense needs reliable legal representation in such a case.

Contact Our Assault Lawyer in San Diego

Regardless of guilt or innocence, a defense attorney is a tremendous asset in an assault case. If you or a relative face any type of assault charge in San Diego, contact George H. Ramos, Jr. today to schedule a free consultation and find out how our firm can help you.

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