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San Diego Child Molestation Lawyer

An accusation of child molestation in California is a very serious matter; these crimes often entail a presumption of guilt from onlookers and can severely damage the accused’s reputation and standing in his or her community, even if the accusations are false. If you have been accused of child molestation in San Diego, contact George H. Ramos, Jr. today to schedule a free consultation with a child molestation attorney.

Why Choose Our Firm?

  • George H. Ramos, Jr. is a former San Diego prosecutor. After 8 years in the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, George H. Ramos, Jr. opened his defense firm in 2002. Attorney Ramos has extensive experience with both sides of the criminal justice system.
  • Our firm believes in close representation with every client we represent. We will work relentlessly to have the charges against you dropped or reduced. We will help you argue for lenient sentencing if convicted.
  • Our firm has experience handling all types of criminal cases in San Diego.
  • We offer free consultations to potential new clients so they can understand their situation better. Our San Diego sex crime defense attorneys want prospective clients to know the projected cost of legal representation during a case before making a financial commitment.

Is a Child Molestation Defense Attorney Necessary?

California prosecutes child abuse cases, especially those of a sexual nature, very aggressively.

Attempting to handle child molestation charges without an experienced San Diego molestation lawyer is a dangerous decision; if guilty you will likely face the maximum penalty allowable under California law without the help of legal counsel to argue for leniency and offer evidence that supports your position.

If innocent, you face an extremely difficult road involving evidence gathering, uncovering exculpatory factors in your case, and clearing your reputation of such egregious accusations.

California Child Molestation Laws

California Penal Code Section 288 pertains to the child molestation laws in the state. It is very important to note that child molestation does not apply solely to nonconsensual sexual intercourse with a child. This designation also applies to any touching in a sexual manner.

A perpetrator who uses force that results in bodily injury, sedation with the use of drugs, or commits a sexual act on an unresponsive, mentally disabled, or developmentally disabled child will likely face harsher penalties.

The age of the victim plays a very important role in sentencing in child molestation cases. Generally, offenses committed against children under the age of 10 face the most severe penalties. Depending on the age of the perpetrator, California’s statutory rape laws may come into play.

The age of consent in California is 18. Any nonconsensual sexual act committed by a person older than 18 against a person younger than 18 leads to severe penalties. Penalties can include fines, jail time of ten years or longer, and restitution payments to the victim.

Defenses Against Child Molestation Charges

Anyone facing child molestation charges in California needs a San Diego criminal defense lawyer. A San Diego child molestation lawyer can help navigate the trial process, gather exculpatory evidence, or minimize the sentence as much as possible if convicted.

If someone alleged false accusations against you of a crime of a sexual nature against a child, you need a defense attorney. A San Diego molestation lawyer from George H. Ramos, Jr. & Associates can find the evidence required to clear your name and avoid severe penalties.

The only possible defenses if you committed a sexual crime against a teen under 18 unknowingly are mistaken identity or the victim’s false reporting of his or her age. However, this may be a shaky defense in court. You would have a responsibility to verify a young person’s age before engaging in any sexual activity with him or her if there is any room for doubt that he or she is over 18.

Contact George H. Ramos Jr. today to schedule a free consultation with a defense attorney in San Diego. We will review the charges you face and let you know how our firm can help.

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